Wireless Refills vs Phone Contracts

April 29, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

In recent years, prepaid or no contract phones have become increasingly common. They have their good points, but the most important thing to know is that whether or not this makes sense for a particular person depends heavily upon the way they use their phone. In a nutshell, it depends upon their lifestyle.

You can find plenty of articles to help you compare various plans and plan options. But before you do that, you should sit down and go through your recent bills or other records to determine some metrics for how you actually use your phone.

You should figure out how you actually use the phone. Do you text a lot? Do you make voice calls a lot? Do you surf the web? How much data or minutes do you use? How many texts? What is average usage and what is peak usage?

You should gather this information together and get it down to some essential figures that will paint a picture of your basic needs. In other words, you do not actually want a spreadsheet with figures for every month, for every type of phone usage, going back years. You want some parameters to work with that will make it possible to look at different plans and see if they meet your needs.

But, you should also consider other details that are not as easily abstracted away to numbers. These can include things like network coverage, ease of use, and other details that impact user experience.

Often, the idea is that contract phones are more expensive than no contract phones. However, this is not necessarily true. It depends entirely on usage. If you want the latest, greatest phones every time something new comes out, you will wind up spending a lot on your cell phone, regardless of whether you choose a contract phone or a no contract phone.

Also, no matter which way you go here, getting the most satisfaction will involve some research. This is true of any buying decision. It is especially true of cell phones because there are so many different options today, from models of phones to carriers to plans, there are endless details to consider.

You may be able to simplify it by listing your three most important needs. If low cost is one of them, then getting a no contract phone and using it very little may be the ticket. If no hassle is one of them and money is not a big concern, you may be happier with getting a contract and letting the company help you pick a phone and a plan. After all, their expertise is part of what you are paying for when you go with this route.


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