When Choosing A Scooter: Electric vs Gas

April 29, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

A common question when it comes to motorized scooters is whether to purchase an electric or gas powered scooter. There are a few key factors to consider when deciding on which scooter to buy. This article compares the common features of both and provides information on the circumstances in which each is most beneficial.


The first significant factor to take into account is the average speed of electric scooters versus those powered by gas. When it comes down to sheer speed, gas powered scooters have a sizable advantage over those powered by electricity. Electric scooters vary in speed, from a mere eight miles per hour to twenty-five. It is fairly rare to find one that goes above twenty miles per hour, though. On the other hand, gas powered scooters capable of reaching speeds of sixteen to thirty miles per hour are quite common.


Something else to consider is the overall costs of electric and gas powered scooters. This includes the initial cost, that of insurance, and the expense of powering the vehicle. In this comparison, the electric scooter undoubtedly wins out. With the price of insurance, gasoline, and even the initial purchase, gas powered scooters can be fairly expensive. The majority of weaker electric scooters are classified as bicycles and do not require insurance. Along with that, electric scooters do not use gasoline, which can potentially save a fair amount of cash, according to a study performed by

Environmental Impact

Most electric and gas scooters are much less damaging to the environment than cars or other large vehicles can be. But which is the better choice? Motorized scooters that are powered by gasoline can release chemicals into the atmosphere. These harmful emissions can be potentially dangerous to the environment as explained by a Wikipedia article. Electric scooters, though, do not operate using gasoline.


The type of scooter you should get is heavily dependent on the terrain you will most likely be using it on. Electric scooters work great on roads, concrete, and most flat areas, but they may not be ideal for off-road use. Many gas-powered scooters are fully capable of going off-road across rough terrain.

Final Verdict

There is no clear choice on which is better than the other. They both excel in certain areas and work well in specific circumstances. The choice of scooter really depends on your own personal preference, and what you would most likely be using it for.


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