The 5 Most Popular Stones featured in Engagement Rings

April 26, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Though diamonds are the obvious and most popular choice to feature in an engagement ring, colored gem stones are also a classic trend that continues to pop up. Choosing this alternative take on an otherwise traditional ring can make a great statement for a bride-to-be. Many choose to pick a ring that they truly love, rather than what is expected. Here are the five most popular stones that are featured in engagement rings.


According to the International Gem Society, before Napoleon was married to Josephine, he was not rich, yet spent a great amount of money on a beautiful sapphire ring. This has created a historical value to the sapphire, making it a common choice among brides. Other well known figures such as Kate Middleton and Princess Diana have had sapphire rings as well.


Morganite is a romantic and feminine stone that is very popular in engagement rings. Its light and gentle color is able to match other jewelry easily. Its gorgeous shade of rosy pink was discovered in California in the early 20th century and remains to be a rare gem stone. People often choose this timeless color because it is so gentle and delicate and easy to wear for many years to come.


The strong and vibrate red color of a ruby makes it very popular. The ruby represents love and passion, which makes it a symbolic choice for an engagement ring. Rubies are prestigious and classy, with a breathtaking look.


An emerald’s rich, dark shade of green is a favorite among royalty, brides, and celebrities. Green is a symbol of spring, rebirth, and fertility. John F. Kennedy chose an engagement ring for Jackie that featured emeralds in it, which is perhaps why it has continued to be a popular choice.


This deep purple colored stone represents deep love, wealth, and happiness. In the past, it was considered to be even more valuable and precious than a diamond, which may be why it continues to be a popular choice today for engagement rings.

The American Gem Society reminds us that ¬†gem stones are among the most cherished items in someone’s possession. They are often passed down throughout generations and have a unique look to them to make each one special. These engagement rings can be paired with a simple wedding band, or a matching wedding band to add extra color to the look.


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