Simple Legal Matters to Consider During a Divorce

April 16, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Your wedding day was one of the happiest occasions in your life. However, the day you head your separate ways will be one of the saddest. Marriage is not always easy and there are many times that couples just cannot make it work. If you’ve tried everything you know and nothing is fixing it; perhaps it’s time to say goodbye. Consequently, before you head to divorce court, there are a few legal matters that you should consider.

1. You Need To Choose The Right Divorce Process

Too many times people try to go the route of a dissolution because it is more cost effective and quicker. However, to go with a dissolution the couple must be in 100 percent agreement. If there’s even one matter that you don’t agree on, it won’t work.Annulments are not commonly used these days. Those are for marriages that have never been consummated and usually are short lived. They mean the marriage never was and it is erased. Fraud is another reason why an annulment would be granted.

2. Never Sign Documents Without An Attorney Present

If the other party has an attorney, they may throw some paperwork your way to sign. The papers could be fair or you could be signing away your life. Never sign anything without your lawyer, at least, reading over the documentation first. Also, don’t even speak to the other parties. Allow the lawyers to work together for the best solution. They keep emotions out of it and stick with the facts.

3. The Divorce Summons Comes With Temporary Restraining Orders

When you or the other party files for divorce, it also puts a restraining order into effect. These orders prohibit you from taking certain actions and making sure that you don’t hold up the case. For instance, you cannot take the child across the state lines without the other parent’s permission. Also, you cannot make any big financial changes either. You will be in contempt if you change the beneficiary on life insurance policies or pull large sums of money from the bank.

4. You May Not Have To Go To Court

If you’re nervous about facing the judge and your soon to be ex; you may not have to go to court at all. If the couple agrees on everything, you can do a summary dissolution. However, if there is no agreement then a divorce is the only way this matter can be handled.

5. Divorce is Complex-You Need Legal Representation

In most cases, a divorce requires legal representation. When it comes to child custody, alimony, child support, asset division, and all those other complex matters; an attorney knows best. Don’t try to handle the task on your own, unless you have no assets, no children, and nothing to argue over.

Divorce is one of the most difficult things to deal with. However, with a skillful attorney helping, you know you will get your a fair and equitable split.


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