How To Select the Perfect Trashcans for Your Business

April 25, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Something that you see in every business but rarely think about is a trashcan. Not all trashcans are created equal. Some are very good for certain commercial environments while others will not perform well. Here is how to select the perfect trashcans for your business.
Metal or Plastic

Whether a metal or plastic trashcan is right for your business depends on how it will be used. An aluminum or stainless steel trashcan is good for heavy trash, construction waste or anything with sharp edges. They are not good for outdoor use. Plastic is best for just about everything else. Plastic can be used outside, is resilient and is lightweight. Metal is for industrial environments mostly.

Lid Type

Over 121 million adults are currently working in the country today. You want the people working in your business to be able to use the trashcan easily. This means choosing the right lid type. The options are hinged lids, swinging lids or removable lids. Swinging lids are good for offices or retail storefronts. Hinged lids that you lift up are appropriate for food or other waste that might give off a foul odor. Removable lids are good for all other purposes.

Wheels or No Wheels

You can now get trashcans with wheels or without them. Wheeled trashcans are much easier to move around once full. The wheels do add to the footprint of the trashcan and can sometimes cause problems. Trashcans with no wheels are more difficult to move but tend to be very stable with a small footprint. Look at how far the trashcan will have to be taken when full to help decided whether wheels are necessary.

Size and Footprint

People and businesses generate over 250 million tons of trash a year. Your business needs to be prepared to handle more trash than you might be estimating right now. This is why you need to carefully consider the size and footprint of the trashcan. The trashcan should be large enough to easily hold the waste generated in an area of your business. You should also consider the footprint to make certain the trashcan will fit in the location you want without problems.

Inner Surface and Grooves

Take a look at the inside of any trashcan that you are considering. You optimally want to see a smooth inner surface with rounded corners and no deep grooves. This is important because it will affect how easily you can clean the container. If the interior of the trashcan is textured or filled with many nooks, then it is going to be incredibly difficult to clean. Trash will get into those areas forcing you to reach deep inside to clean it. Try to pick trashcans with the smoothest interiors.


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