Five Tips For Getting Your Pool Ready For Spring

April 15, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

When spring arrives, it means that pool season has started. For many homeowners with pools, this is their favorite time of year. It’s a time when you can get out with your family and enjoy the sun and the water in your own backyard. You can even have a pool party with all of your friends or neighbors. It’s a great way to meet people in your neighborhood and also reconnect with old friends while you engage in some fun-filled summer activities.

Even though spring signals the start of pool season and that’s great, it can also be a little nerve-racking for homeowners who have trouble opening their pools every year. Algae, bacteria that won’t going away, green water and bugs and critters can all be frustrating when it comes time to open your pool. For that reason, we’ve provided a few tips that should get you started and help the entire process go smoothly.

1. Open your pool before you think you have to.

First, always start opening your pool before you think you have to. When it’s too cold outside to actually go swimming in the spring, you should be opening your pool so that it is ready right away when those warmer days start to hit.

2. Do more than you think you have to to kill the swamp.

It will take a lot of work and chemicals to kill the green algae that has built up in your pool if it was not winterized correctly. You will want to use a lot of pool chemicals to help the situation, so don’t be shy with them or the chemicals that you do use will simply go to waste.

3. Always cover your pool in the first few weeks of opening it.

During the first few weeks that your pool is open, make sure to cover it because there will likely be a lot of leaves and debris flying around because of the season. Keep these out of the pool so that you can have nice clean water when it’s ready to swim in.

4. Consider help from professionals.

If you are really having a tough time opening your pool and making it swimmable on your own, consider hiring pool professionals.

5. Put your pool away correctly every fall.

The last step is to remember to always take the time to winterize your pool correctly. Many people simply throw a tarp over their pool and call it good when the leaves start to fall in autumn. This is not the correct way to close your pool, and if you do this, you will certainly have trouble opening it in the spring. Take time during winterization, and you will thank yourself in the spring.



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