Five Reasons A New Roof Should Come With A Warranty

April 21, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

A sound roof is one of the most important investments in a home. It keeps you and your family safe from wind and rain while safeguarding your valuables and memories. It maintains warmth in the winter and chilled air in the summer. Considering a roof is at its best when you don’t notice it, it is often forgotten; but once it captures your attention, you probably have a leak. Water invading your home can be a frightening experience but choosing a new roof and roofing contractor need not be. Warranties covering workmanship, installation, and materials can bring you peace of mind.
New roofing materials come with manufacturer warranties. Exact coverage is dependent on brand, roofing type, and materials used. These warranties generally cover manufacturing but not workmanship errors. For an example, GAF’s (one of the USA’s largest roofing manufacturers) base shingle warranty does not cover installation. Upgraded warranties are available but often require higher expenditure and/or involve the use of upgraded roofing materials. For specific details see the GAF Warranty . For warranty information from a competing manufacturer, visit TAMKO Building Supply .
There are a variety reasons to demand a warranty that supersedes material coverage. First, you don’t want to be stuck with additional labor cost! As previously discussed, manufacturer warranties will often only cover materials, even when those material are found to be faulty. Image paying thousands of extra dollars on labor to tear off and replace a roof that is already brand new!

Another advantage to additional warranty coverage is that it says something about your contractor. A contractor who supplies a warranty stands by his or her work and is more likely to produce quality work from the start. A roofing business that guarantees its installation can’t spend time doing extra work for free. It’s profitable to do a good job.
Next, a warranty can result in a better product. The brand of roofing materials is traditionally left to contractors who prefer to install their favorite brands. Roofers are experts in the business and will know what products are the best. A warranty from your contractor increases the likelihood that the chosen brand will be based on quality instead of price.
There is an exclusion clause lurking within the fine print of many manufacturers’ warranties. As explained above, the warranties are void when materials are installed improperly. If you are unfortunate enough to hire a roofer that is more worried about profit and time than quality, you may end up with a hastily installed roof and poor craftsmanship. For additional information on hiring a contractor, the Federal Trade Commission has some advice.
A final reason for an extended warranty is peace of mind. You don’t want to worry about having that big expense again. Let’s face it, a new roof hurts you pocket book. Imagine being stuck with another large bill in just a few years. Then imagine your relief when you realize you secured an all-inclusive warranty.


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