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8 Things to Consider When Moving Cross Country

September 2, 2017 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Moving across the country provides you with the opportunity to start a new life in an exciting place. To ensure a smooth move, keep some tips in mind.

Consider Long-term Needs
Moving across the country to a house and then moving again shortly after to yet another house can feel overwhelming. The Wall Street Journal has suggestions for people considering downsizing, which may apply to you. On the other hand, you may have kids in school, so selecting an area with a strong educational system is imperative.

Care for the Kids
Whether your children are excited for the move or nervous about starting a new school, having them with you as you’re hauling in boxes and directing traffic at the house could be stressful and even dangerous. Ask a relative or friend to help you out for the day.

Protection for Pets
Your pets can also be at risk when you’re moving across the country. Speak to your vet for tips on bringing your pet in the car or on the plane for the duration of time. Your pet may have specific medical conditions that require consideration. Also, keep in mind that pets could run out and become lost in a new city if they are not properly monitored.

Know the Price
ABC News reports that sometimes, you may find that the movers randomly change prices, which can be jarring for anyone, especially people on a budget. Always remember to research the company; make sure that you have a written price quotation.

Check Your Car
If you have a vehicle, then you are probably driving it to your new home. Instead of ending up with serious car issues on the road, take the time to get your car inspected before the journey.

Rent a Place
You may be excited to purchase a beautiful home in your new community, but consider a rental first. By renting, you can get a sense of which areas you prefer. You might decide to buy a house in the same area where you rented, or you may want to move closer to your job, better schools or area attractions.

Give Yourself Time
If you’re planning to go to work the day after you move, you may find a number of issues arise. First, traffic and weather conditions could cause you to arrive later than expected, and you don’t want to call out on your first day of work. Second, you may be so exhausted that you can’t perform well at the job.

Enjoy the Entertainment
Whether you’re saving for a house or just paying rent for the first time, you probably want to live at least somewhat frugally. Still though, getting out and exploring some of the affordable activities in the area can help you to feel more comfortable.

Keeping these considerations in mind can help you to have a more successful trip.


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