6 Questions to Ask Before Renting the Vacation Home of your Dreams

January 30, 2017 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Renting a vacation home can be one of the most exciting things that you ever do. However, to make the most of your vacation and time spent in the rental property, it’s important to ask questions which ensure that you attain a high quality space. Below you will find six questions that you should ask before renting the vacation home of your dreams:

1. What Are The Lease Terms?

As noted in “Top 10 questions to ask before renting a house,” you should be thoroughly aware of your lease. This includes when it begins and when it ends. If you don’t understand any aspect of your lease, be sure to ask the property owner so you can attain clarification before you sign the paperwork.

2. What Is Included In The Rent?

When you discuss the rent rate with the property owner, make sure that you ask questions regarding what is included in that rate. Some amenities may be included, while others may be omitted. Make sure you know whether the rent covers electric connections, gas, cable, etc. If it does not, you’ll want to find out what the fees are for these services before you agree to rent the vacation home.

3. Can I Decorate The Vacation Home?

In addition to asking questions about the rent, make sure you ask whether you are allowed to decorate the vacation home. This question is important because decorating without permission can cause you to offend the property owner. In some cases it may even lead to legal action being taken against you.

4. What Is Your Application Process?

Make sure you gain clarity regarding what the application process is for the vacation home. Will there be screening fees? Is a credit report required? If so, will there be a soft or hard inquiry?

5. What Is The Guest Policy?

Guest policies vary from one property owner to another. They can also vary based on factors like the gender of the tenant. In some cases, a property owner may allow guests but place limitations on how many people can occupy one space or for how long they can remain on the property.

6. How’s The Crime In The Neighborhood?

You have a right to exist in safe space, and this is why it is important for you to learn whether the vacation home that you’ll be renting is in an area where crime rates are high. When you communicate with the property owner, be sure to ask what crime is like in the neighborhood. As noted in “20 Revealing Questions that Every Renter Should Ask (from a Landlord’s Perspective),” it can be difficult to determine whether the landlord you speak to is being honest. As such, you should do your own research regarding the area before you agree to rent the vacation home.

Don’t Delay: Find The Right Vacation Home Today!

If you’re looking for the vacation home of your dreams, it’s important to know which questions to ask so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Use this quick reference guide to ensure that you ask the questions necessary to determine whether a specific vacation home is right for you!


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