6 Items Every Woman Should Have in their Closet

February 9, 2017 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Every woman’s closet is different, but there are certain things that every woman should make sure that she has stocked away. The following is a list of the top six items that will flesh out your closet and ensure that you look amazing every day.

1. Chic but comfortable everyday shoes

First, every woman needs to have a pair of comfortable shoes that are also stylish. These can be worn with jeans, capri pants or even a loose-fitting shift dress. The best type of shoes to fill this role are tan colored flats.

2. A denim jacket

A denim jacket can be thrown over absolutely everything from a T-shirt to a dress. In fact, if you have a stylish dress that you want to play down a bit, wearing a denim jacket over top is the perfect accessory for making it look more casual.

3. An LBD or little black dress

The LBD or little black dress has been a staple of women’s closets for decades. Make sure that you find one that is both sleek and elegant and comfortable.

4. A neutral colored cardigan

Cardigans are necessary for your wardrobe, and a neutral colored cardigan will be able to go with almost any outfit. Find one that is made of a quality material like cashmere, and this way, you know that it will last.

5. A basket for donation items

You know that there are going to be some things in your closet that are destined for the donation bin. Naturally, you don’t want to buy clothing items that you know you are going to end up giving away, but this is a natural part of being a natural born shopper!

To make the entire process easier and to help yourself weed out clothing items that you won’t wear or that are just taking up extra space in your closet, keep a special basket close by where you can throw things that you know you don’t want to use anymore. By donating them, you can give new life to them, and someone else will be able to use them more often.

6. A clothing steamer

Finally, nothing looks worse than a wrinkly dress or shirt. But we all know that ironing takes a bit more time than we’d like to give to this task. To make things simpler, a clothing steamer is the perfect closet accessory. You can use your clothing steamer in just a few minutes if it’s close by and simple to access in your closet. It makes life so much easier!

Does your closet that have all of these essential fashion pieces? If not, get ready for a fun shopping trip to fill out your closet!


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