6 Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Their Signs

April 15, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

According to the New York Times, the amount that is spent on advertising by businesses each year is well over $500 billion. However, one of the most successful kinds of advertisement is also one of the cheapest, signage. If you want to make money from your signs, though, they need to be designed correctly. Below are six common mistakes to avoid.

1. The Text Isn’t Legible

Just because you like a certain font, does not mean you should use in your sign. Certain fonts simply aren’t easy to read. This is especially the case from far away. The words on your sign should always be easy to decipher. They should be easily legible from close by as well as from a significant distance.

2. The Color Scheme Doesn’t Pop

Certain color combinations may come across as jarring and gimmicky. However, you don’t want the colors of your sign to be too muted or subdued. If the colors don’t manage to “pop” on the street when consumers walk or drive by, their eyes will never be drawn to that sign. Make sure there is good contrast between the text and the background.

3. Poor Use of Negative Space

Another common mistake is making a sign that is too busy. Instead, you want to make use of some negative space in the overall design even if that space is the open air around the sign. Designs that are too busy and too complex may not draw the appropriate attention to your businesses name or what you actually sell.

4. Ignoring Branding

All your signage should properly reflect your business’s branding. For example, if you wish to cater to more upscale clientele, the fonts, colors and imagery chosen for your signs should reflect refinement and class. The signs in question should not appear the same as if you were aiming for a middle income family audience that includes young children. Also, according to Forbes, without branding in advertising, consumers can easily confuse you for competitors.

5. Poor Placement

Your signage also needs to be placed in the correct locations. Make sure signs are placed in a way that they are clearly visible to the audience you want to draw into your business. If you don’t pay close attention to where your signs are placed, they could be easily missed. Signs with good placement, however, can consistently bring in new customers.

6. Using Too Much Text

Keep the text on your signs short and to the point. Just include enough text to explain to the customer who you are and what you do. If you include too many words, most people will give up on reading the entire message. Your sign should be able to be read in two to three seconds at most.


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