5 Ways to Secure Your Cargo Shipment

September 29, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Transporting cargo can be risky, both when it’s being transported over land or by sea. Even if proper security measures are taken prior to departure, your cargo runs the risk of being lost, damaged or stolen.

To ensure you and your shipment are protected at all times, use the following 5 methods to help secure your cargo:

Purchase Cargo Insurance

Whether you’re shipping cargo for your business or for your family, cargo insurance is essential for financial protection.

Cargo insurance will help protect against financial loss during transport for nearly any reason. There are various type of cargo insurance policies available and some will only cover sea transport while others will exclude warehouse storage. Choose a policy that best fits your needs and budget.

Use a Reputable Shipping or Import/Export Company

Shipping and import/export companies are heavily regulated by the United States government. Before you decide to use one, perform a routine check on them to ensure they’re properly registered and carry business liability insurance. Government databases will likely tell you if there are any outstanding issues with the company that need to be resolved.

When getting quotes for a cargo shipment, it might be helpful to ask for the names of companies who have used them in the past. Only use a logistics company that has a reputable history.

Pack the Cargo Properly

Before giving your cargo to the shipping company for processing, make sure you’ve properly packed the items.

If your shipping fragile items, pack them tightly and use foam peanuts along with packing bubbles. Only use boxes made with sturdy material and follow the packing weight guidelines to ensure boxes won’t break.

Your cargo shipping company will also give you instructions on how to properly pack your cargo before you hand it off to them.

Pack Similar Items Together

Large cargo sized shipments often contain many items that are similar in shape and size, like electronics, books, DVDs and more.

To prevent your items from shifting during transport, pack similar items together. This will also help you efficiently use your box space and save money.

Use Locks, If Necessary

While most cargo containers feature doors that lock, if you plan on shipping your items in wood crates, place a government approved lock on the outside. This will help secure your items against intruders.

In many cases, wood crates that are used for shipping come with locks already installed.


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