5 Smart Marketing Ideas Using Design

April 17, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

In this contemporary era, many corporate leaders are realizing that they can use marketing strategies to optimize their company’s level of visibility and conversion rates. One of the best marketing strategies available is the use of design tools and techniques. You can get this process started by reviewing the marketing design strategies outlined below:

1. Web Design And Development.

One of the best marketing ideas that makes use of design systems and strategies is web design and development. This technique enables you to put together a visually engaging, highly functional website that your clients will find appealing and engaging. There are multiple methodologies you can deploy to ensure that your website looks absolutely incredible. As noted in Huffington Post, you can use the “squint test” to determine whether your website aesthetic is ultimately just a bunch of shapes and needs improvement.

2. Billboard Signs.

Another marketing strategy you may want to make use of is billboard signs. As noted in Forbes magazine, 71% of people look at messages that appear on roadside billboards while 37% examine outdoor ads. As such, using advanced design skills to put together visually engaging billboard signs is a wonderful way to push your company forward. You can hire a team of professionals to utilize cutting edge graphic design skills to ensure that your billboard sign is aesthetically optimized and eye-catching.

3. Branding Optimization.

Branding optimization is another marketing strategy you can deploy to keep your company moving forward. Branding is basically the use of advanced graphic design strategies to create a clear, concise image for the business owner’s products and services. By appropriating graphic design elements like color, text, background, image, and slogans in innovative ways, you can distinguish your brand such that it stands out from the competitor’s in the mind of the prospective client.

4. Build A Top Notch Brochure.

Another marketing strategy that incorporates design which you should utilize includes the development of a top notch brochure. Brochures are incredible advertising tools which enable the prospective customer to learn more about your brand. When you develop brochures that have catchy slogans and aesthetically compelling images on them, you’ll increase the likelihood of maintaining the prospective client’s interest.

5. Create A YouTube Video.

YouTube videos are yet another marketing strategy you can deploy to keep your business moving forward. The key to success with this modality is ensuring that the images and text presented in the video are optimized for key factors like readability and aesthetic engagement. You can employ a team of video production experts to complete this work on your behalf.

If you’re serious about optimizing your company’s conversion rates, it’s important to utilize marketing strategies that emphasize excellence in design. You can appropriate some or all of the marketing techniques outlined above to realize this objective!


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