5 Frugal Ways to Decorate for Your Next Summer Barbecue

May 27, 2017 Francine Jones 0 Comments

We love a backyard barbeque, and so does the rest of America; nearly two thirds of us create some of our favorite memories in our own backyards! Friends and family sitting around on the deck or lawn, sharing food, laughing, and catching up over fresh summer drinks; we can’t think of anything better. Besides excellent food and drink, some simple but strategic decorating for your barbeque can add so much to making that memorable atmosphere. If you’re planning on throwing a barbeque (or two!) this summer, read on for some tips on how to decorate without breaking the bank.

Anti-Mosquito Options
Backyard barbeques are a long-time favorite of dreaded mosquitoes, so it’s best to have some pest control measures ready. You can integrate safe pest control into your party décor with these non-toxic DIY mason jar mosquito repellent candles. Essential oil, citrus, and rosemary make these pretty candles that double as a safe alternative to conventional mosquito repellent.

Unexpected Seating
Most people don’t have the table and chairs to accommodate a large group for barbeques. People can end up eating in their laps, in the kitchen, sitting on the deck steps; it becomes a bit messy. Instead, bring everyone to the table with your own DIY exotic Arab-inspired table arrangement. A few stacked wood palates can be had from a hardware store to make a long table that can be dressed up with fabric and candles. Cushions and blankets you already have around the house provide the seating.

Holiday Lighting in July
As your barbeque transitions from afternoon to evening, you’ll want some lighting to keep things going. Backyard flood lighting is harsh and unappealing; why not dig out your Christmas tree lights and create a soft, fairy-like glow around the yard? We like white lights best. These can be twined through a pergola, strung across the deck, or wrapped around trees. These and a few candles will create a lovely evening ambiance that will keep you and your guests in the relaxed party mood. Smart shoppers will buy extras for a song after the holidays.

Cold Drink Décor
Want to keep your guests out of the kitchen and in the thick of the party? Think about setting up a drinks station. Keep it simple with cans and bottles only. Rather than coolers, consider a wheelbarrow or unused flowerbed for a whimsical and unexpected place to keep your drinks cold. Fill it with ice and drinks, and don’t forget to have a place for guests to recycle their empties.

Found Object Flower Arrangements
Wash up a few old coke bottles or glass jars, plunk some pretty stones in the bottom, and fill with water and fresh flowers from your garden for a completely free ambiance boost. Better yet, ask guests to bring a few stems from theirs when they come and make some lovely arrangements together. Challenge yourself to make these without paying a penny!


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