4 Ways That Pressure Washing Will Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

April 12, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Power washer devices are great tools to remove debris from a home’s exterior or landscaping to improve the curbside appeal of a property. You can choose to rent or buy power-washing equipment or hire a professional company’s technicians to wash away debris.

One: Washing Away a Roof’s Moss

Rooftops collect a lot of debris such as trash or leaves, and mold or moss can also grow on a roof’s materials. Not only is this debris unattractive, but also, it can damage materials such as asphalt shingles. On metal rooftops, a collection of debris can lead to pockets of moisture that lead to materials rusting and degrading. In many geographic zones, moss will begin to grow on a roof, and anyone passing by a home will notice how ugly a roof looks. Depending on your rooftop’s materials, you can use a low-pressure power washing method or spray strong streams of water mixed with detergents to remove moss growth.

Two: Removing Stains from a Driveway

If your home’s driveway cement surface is covered with stains from freshly mowed grass or oil spills from vehicles, then use a power washer machine to blast away the debris. You won’t need to use a scrubbing device to remove deeply embedded stains if you use a highly pressured stream of water. Begin by applying detergents to the most difficult stains and wait for a few minutes as the debris begins to lift. Use a power washer to blast away the detergents and debris. When there are still noticeable stains, repeat the process until all of the debris is gone.

Three: Removing Paint from a Home’s siding

When the paint on your home’s siding is peeling and looking hideous, the fastest way to remove the degraded paint is with power washing. You will require a high-pressure power washer to remove peeling paint effectively, and make sure to wear a breathing mask and goggles while working. After all of the paint is removed, it is easy to repaint the siding surfaces to have a home with curbside appeal.

Four: Washing Away Leaves from Gutters

Rain gutters that are filled with debris such as bird’s nests and trash will lead to having rain that drips down the sides of a home rather than through the downspouts. As rainwater flows down the sides of a building, it leaves a trail of dirt. Clogged gutters make a home look bad from the curb because the rain is flowing down the sides along with dirt. With a power washer, you can climb on a ladder to wash away debris with a strong stream of water to improve the appearance of a home.


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