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4 Steps to Take When Insulating your Crawlspace

February 25, 2017 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Congratulations! You’ve decided to protect the integrity of your home by adding some insulation to your crawlspace. This project will help control the temperature inside of your home, and it will reduce your heating and cooling costs. However, before you begin, check out these four tips below!

The Right Stuff
You will need to make sure you have the right insulation for your crawlspace. To accomplish this, there are a couple of things you need to do. First, determine the correct R-value for your insulation. This number is determined by where you live. The R-value lets you know you have the right type of insulation for your climate. Second, measure the space between the floor joists in your crawlspace. Purchase the insulation that will fit snugly between the joists.

Prepare Yourself
Prepare yourself for your project. Make sure you have a face mask, work gloves, and work boots. The face mask is particularly important. Insulation often contains small bits of glass. If you work with insulation over a long period of time, these bits of glass and other construction dust can do serious damage to your lungs. A face mask will help prevent this. Also, your clothing should cover your arms and legs. This is because the materials found in insulation are often irritating to the skin. It is also a good idea to wear a helmet to protect yourself from nails sticking out of the floor joists in your crawlspace. Remember, you will be working in tight quarters. It’s easy to bump your head on something sharp.

Prepare the Area
You will need to spread a polyethylene sheet over the floor to act as a moisture barrier. Any overlapping ares should overlap at least 16 inches. These overlapping ares should be sealed with duct tape. Next, use caulk or spray foam to seal any cracks in the sides of your home. Be sure to check both the interior and exterior walls of the crawlspace. Both of these above steps will prevent moisture and water from damaging your freshly installed installation.

Put It Up!
Attach the insulation between the floor joists. Make sure the vapor barrier faces up. The insulation should fit snugly between the joists. You can attach the insulation with a staple gun. Use a broom handle to push insulation into difficult areas. As you work, only open the insulation packages when you are ready to work with them. Insulation is densely packed, and it can become unwieldy after opening. You always want to open it as close to your work area as possible.

That’s it! Your freshly installed insulation will keep your home at the right temperature. It will also help you save money on those energy bills. Enjoy!


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