4 Overlooked Services Locksmiths Can Handle

April 11, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

You might only think of calling a locksmith if you get locked out of your vehicle, but they provide many more services. Locksmiths are trusted service providers who are called upon by banks and governments to help put high value items under lock and key. They must be of impeccable character because they can open up the locks you trust to keep things safe. Here are four services locksmiths provide that are often overlooked by today’s consumers.

Rekeying Expensive Locks

If you buy a home that was previously occupied, one of the first things you want to do is get new locks. However, the locksets used on exterior doors can be quite decorative and very expensive to replace. Locksmiths can rekey the actual locking mechanisms to save you a lot of money. Also, a locksmith can recommend simple upgrades to greatly improve the security of your main entrance doors against being forced open.

Providing a Better Home Safe

Consumer demand for keeping valuables secure at home has department stores now offering different versions of home safes. However, they are not rated to provide high level protection against being broken into or even carried off. Most store variety safes are just beefed up strong boxes. Without them being bolted down, most home safes can be carried away by one person. Safes provided by a locksmith weigh several hundred pounds and are much more resistant to drilling, sledgehammers and other attempts to open them. Plus, you may be able to buy an old commercial safe for practically nothing, have it opened and a new combination set by a locksmith.

Remote Automobile Locks

Your car dealership will likely charge you a small fortune for new manual locks or electronic keys and key fobs. Locksmiths not only can get into any vehicle, they can rekey door locks and ignitions switches, and provide replacement remotes often for less than what a car dealership charges for the same work. They can also offer more secure locking mechanisms for vehicle tool boxes and RV storage bins than what most original equipment locks offer.

Security Doors

With home invasions regularly in the news, more homeowners are interested in installing security doors at entrances that cannot be kicked open. Homeowners are also building safe rooms for the family to retreat to in case of an emergency. Locksmiths do more than just locks. They can provide security doors that are so strong they cannot be forced open with kicks, sledgehammers or axes while still maintaining the appearance of a regular residential door.

Your local locksmith can help keep your home, vehicle, family and valuables safer with options you are not going to find at your local home center, hardware store or department store. The next time you have a question or problem in locking something up or opening a lock that is not working, make your local locksmith your first call.


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