4 Important Reasons to Promote Racial Diversity in Your Workplace

January 17, 2018 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Encouraging the flow of ideas is good business practice. That’s why it’s great to have a variety of people making up your company’s think tank. Here are 4 important reasons to promote racial diversity in your workplace:

1. Eliminate echo chambers

An echo chamber occurs when a group of people who share the same ideas and values are responsible for decision making. To avoid a situation where your business or workplace sounds tone deaf, you need to create an environment that is inclusive of many backgrounds, ideas, upbringings, and identities.

2. Prevent embarrassing or company-ending mistakes

While many companies strive to have messaging and advertising that is non-offensive, sometimes it misses the mark. Just think about recent Dove campaigns and others that were called out on social media for being racially insensitive. While it’s not appropriate to simply elect people of color as your official sounding board, it’s critical that the people making decisions about advertisements and messaging are from a variety of backgrounds. And make sure your workplace is accepting of critical feedback. It could prevent costly mistakes.

3. It makes the whole team better

We all look at the world differently, but the firsthand experience of living life as a person of color is significant. This perspective is a positive. By sharing diverse perspectives with your workplace teammates, everyone is able to learn and grow. This can be a wonderful thing when you have a good mix of people making up your team. Teams that are open minded and willing to try and explore new ideas make excellent soil for growing an inclusive workplace.

4. The world is diverse

Many corporate workplaces in major cities have similar makeups. Mostly white people in white-collar jobs while minorities are stuck in the mailroom or scheduling meetings. But the world is full of people who come from all different backgrounds and have success. An office that doesn’t represent the racial makeup of the country is one that’s doing a disservice to its customers, clients, and the public. How can a company market to a diverse population if the team itself is not diverse?

Racial diversity is a powerful tool in the workplace. By being inclusive and creating a culture that is accepting, employees are likely to enjoy their experience and be more engaged in their work. And since social issues are important to millennials, supporting racial diversity will make your workplace a great place to grow careers.


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