4 Dress Styles for a Destination Wedding

April 9, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

A destination wedding can be an excellent way to celebrate the union of you and your new partner. One of the most important choices you will need to make when planning a destination wedding is what your wedding dress will look like. With that in mind, there are certain styles that tend to look extra special for a destination wedding.

1. Thin fabric with lots of flow

Destination weddings are fun and free, and your wedding dress should convey this attitude. Choose a dress that has a lot of movement and flow to it. Do this instead of choosing one that is tight to your body or that contains thick fabrics and necessitates corsets and complicated undergarments. This will also help keep you cooler on this day.

2. Organic and natural materials

Instead of using silk or expensive synthetic materials, go for organic and natural materials. Some examples include linen, and cotton. Choose light versions of these natural fabrics to let them breathe because your destination wedding may be quite hot. Moreover, these light materials help to convey that easy breezy attitude that most destination weddings will convey. The truth is, you will be spending more money on the entire experience of your wedding instead of spending a lot on the actual dress itself.

3. Soft lines and not a lot of hardware

You don’t want to go for a harsh dress with pointy shoulders or bodices or even lace. The goal for your destination wedding should be easy and breezy, which means you’ll want flow and movement instead of stiff shoulder pads or thick skirts.

Furthermore, if your wedding is going to be on the beach, your going to want a dress that you can pick up and move along the sand with. Thick dresses and heavy skirts make this difficult. On the other hand, a dress with fringe or some extra thin material at the bottom is easy to grab up as you go, and it looks beautiful moving in the beach breeze.

4. Strapless or thin straps and a shawl for evening

One of the main concerns when buying a wedding dress for any occasion is how to present the top half of your body. In other words, what neckline do you want to choose? There are a lot of options, but it’s pretty straightforward for most destination weddings.

You should go for a strapless gown or a gown that has just thin straps. The reason for this is that your destination wedding is likely to be quite warm. You will want to feel comfortable and not have a lot of extra material on your chest and arms. When it does get cold in the evening, simply have a white or off-white shawl to drape around your arms for a classy look.


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