3 Ways to Make the Switch From Smoking to Vaping

April 9, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

If you’re trading in your cigarettes for vaping, congratulations. Make the switch smoothly by using these tips.

1. Use a nicotine-containing vape liquid. This sounds like common sense but it’s surprising how many people think they can give up nicotine and smoking at the same time. That’s self-defeating. What you’re addicted to is the nicotine; what’s bad for you is the fact that you’re regularly inhaling burning tobacco laden with hundreds of toxins into your lungs. So give up the smoking but not the nicotine.

On that same note make sure you start at the right level. Some smokers give up on vaping because their bodies are used to a certain amount of nicotine and the amount they’re getting in their vape is too low. It’s like a constant state of cold turkey.

The risk of relapse is big if you do this so you need to get this right from the get-go. Similarly, if you’re a light smoker keep your dosage low. Vape liquids range from around 2 mg of nicotine to 24 mg.

Some vapers find they can gradually dial down their nicotine levels and eventually use zero-nicotine liquids. But that comes later; at the beginning, start as high as you need to.

2. Don’t expect vaping to be exactly like smoking. It’s close but no cigar, to turn a really bad pun. First off, you need to learn a different technique. Don’t draw deeply on your e-cigarette; take shallower, slower breaths. Hold the vapor in your mouth the fist few times, to get used to the sensation.

Have fun trying different setups and adjusting the amount, thickness and
taste. There are countless e-liquid flavors available and some vapers say this variety of flavors actually helped them quit better. Fruit and exotic liquids outsell tobacco flavors now, suggesting that they might make vaping so much fun you won’t miss smoking.

3. Don’t get overwhelmed. You might worry that you have no idea what to buy, or that it’s going to cost you a ridiculous amount of money. Especially when you see some of the elaborate machinery some vapers carry with them.

Relax. You can spend a lot of money on vaping, and some people do. But most use straightforward setups that cost a fraction of what smoking costs. As with any technology, some people enjoy getting into the guts of a machine while others just want it to work. Your best bet? Talk to other vapers. Get suggestions from the staff at a vape store.

Give it time. Almost everyone who sticks with vaping finds it easy to give up smoking and never miss it. Take a puff to to your longer, healthier, vaping new life.


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