3 Inspiring Destinations for a Vacation in Peru

April 8, 2016 Francine Jones 0 Comments

Many first-time visitors to Peru head straight for the hills to see the wonders of Machu Picchu. As amazing a site as that is, there is actually so much more to this incredible country than Incan ruins. Here are three destinations that will inspire more in-depth travels to the exciting country of Peru.

Spend Some Time in Under-Rated Lima

The capital of Peru of has a reputation for being unattractive, and many tourists simply fly in and head out to other sites. But they are missing out, because Lima has a lot to offer. It is a tidy city with stunning ocean vistas. Its main attractions are the growing art and fashion scenes, and the world-renowned food that celebrates the diversity of the city and the country using native ingredients. Follow this 36 hour guide, and pop into a classic cevicheria, shop for crafts, stroll along the seashore, and end your days sipping on pisco.

Visit Huacachina Before It’s Too Late

3 miles west of Ica, in the middle of the desert, sits the tiny town of Huacachina, called the “Oasis of America.“ The town only has a population of 100, but it attracts around 200,00 tourists a year, drawn to the beautiful oasis with perfect weather. There is so much to do here for the adventurous: backpacking, climbing 325-feet tall dunes, and riding a sandboard back down them. For those more inclined to relax, simply lay by the waters and soak in the rumored medicinal properties. The only draw-back? The oasis is shrinking, and authorities are struggling to keep it refilled with local spring water. So hurry to see this peace of paradise before it is gone!

Experience the Wonder of the Nazca Lines

Etched into the earth in the desert of southern Peru is a set of huge geoglyphs. Known as the Nazca Lines, they are an archeological mystery and an incredible site. The origin and purpose of these 370 images is still unknown, and archeologists and visitors continue to debate what prompted the Nazca people to create them so long ago. A few can be viewed from a tower situated on the Pan-American Highway just north of Nazca, but the best way to truly see the Lines is by a small airplane. Another nearby mystery to be discovered is the Cantalloc aqueducts, ancient water-works that spiral into an underground stream. All of this is an eight hour bus ride from Lima, so plan to stay overnight to experience all the region has to offer.


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