3 Best Ways to Consume Marijuana

September 27, 2017 Francine Jones 0 Comments

With more states legalizing marijuana every time it comes on the ballot, we thought it’d be a good time to talk about some of the ways to consume this controversial product. Whether you’re interested in using this plant for its medicinal potential or for recreational purposes, there are a number of ways to partake.

1. Smoking- I know this is the obvious answer but it’s an oldie but goodie for a reason. I respect that not everyone wants to roll up a joint and that’s more than ok. Pipes can be found pretty cheap at head shops for your basic needs. If you’re a more serious smoker then you already know that the sky is the limit when looking for pieces to enjoy your herb.

Let’s include vaporizing in with smoking for this post because I want to include some more tame ways for those interested in the medicinal use of this plant. Vaporizing happens when your favorite herb is heated to a high temperature but not directly exposed to flame. This gets the good bits out but leaves some of the bad bits. It’s a little more mild than smoking. It cost a bit for a high quality vaporizer and you have to deal with batteries, but it’s a good alternative to smoking.

We won’t even get into dabbing, but click the link if you want to take your mj game to the next level.

2. Tinctures or oils- These use similar methods extract the good stuff from the cannabis plant and leave it in an easy to absorb liquid form without the negative side effects of smoking. You can save your lungs a little hardship by switching. These are great if you’re looking for an option to use the plant medicinally. A few drops of a tincture under the tongue and the effects will start to kick in shortly. The oils can be consumed in a pill form too. Just like any other med.

3. Edibles- This takes a little prep work unless you’re lucky enough to live in a place where they’re sold legally. Almost anything can be made using marijuana these days. I’ve had rice crispy treats, something that resembled a tootsie roll, cookies, gummy candies, something like a jolly rancher, and more. It’s pretty mind blowing to eat a tasty treat and get head change a little while later. The down side is it does take the time to digest before you’ll feel the effects, but they’ll continue to act in your system for longer too.

Hope you find a way that suits your needs and I look forward to seeing the ways the industry will change in the years to come.


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